Get To Know Me

Hi! Welcome to my life.

I’m Emily, but I’m pretty sure we’ve got that by now lol. I’m 20, I live in Texas, and I’m a junior in college. I’m majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Music and Communications at Liberty University.🦅🔥 I play guitar, piano, and sing at church with our worship group on Sunday mornings. I love all things music, traveling, reading, being outside (preferably by the pool lol), and just hanging out with my family. I have a small business on Etsy ✨Market Magnolia✨ where I get to be creative with graphic design and make people’s iPhone home screens cute and aesthetic.📱🥰

I have a mini poodle named Milo who is the most mischievous, energetic, and happiest little dude. Although I may threaten him everyday that I’m going to sell him on Facebook if he doesn’t stop destroying everything, he is my literal child. He is just a ball of sunshine who hops and leaps everywhere he goes. He gets so happy to see you that he cries and brings you the first toy he sees (even if he just saw you 20 minutes ago… he forgot). Everyday is an adventure with Milo for sure! Also, Milo’s on TikTok: @milogoose!

On a random note, my favorite book and movie is Little Women (2019 version, of course), and my favorite tv show is Friends. Once again, my page is just a whole bunch of randomness. I don’t even think I can sum it all up in one category. It’s just a bit of my life.

Love, Emily 💐